ume's wanderlust diary

"The Artist Way"


It has been two weeks now that I have started to go through the program of a book "The Artist Way" written by Julia Cameron. 

This book is an eight weeks program to find once again your inner artist and creativity, and cherish it. 





Thinking back, I realised that it has been almost a year that I was repetedly coming across this book here and there in my life. The very first time was in a book my best friend lend me. I cannot recall the title of the book, but it was a story of one American woman who quit her job and started to live in France, where she met her love of life and became an artist. She wasn't an artist from the beginning, but she wanted to become it. Thus she started to follow the program of the "The Artist Way". I was curious of the book, but there ended my interest. 

The second time was when I was looking through internet, searching for morning habits or ritual of people around the world, I guess. There were those blogs writing about the Morning Page, and a book was introduced as a reference. I didn't realise back then that this book was actually the book I read some time ago back in my friend's book, since the title was in Japanese (and as most of Japanese-translated books or movies, the title was completely different from the original one). 


Many more times, after that, I came across the book of Julia Cameron, when searching different things. I was very much interested in this book, but currently being a traveler and having already tons of books, I wanted to keep my laggage as light as possible. But I couldn't resist. In the end, after almost a year, I decided to buy the book in the original language. 


I was led, maybe. Deep inside, I was looking for a change within, maybe. And probably God was aware of that. 


As going through this program, I started to re-discover some passions I had when I was a kid. I very much liked to write. I was writing novel stories in my elementary school and read almost half of the books in my school library. I was writing song lirycs and composed some songs with a piano. I was writing poetries without realiseing it, and few friends were continually telling me I should write a poetry book. I didn't take it seriously.

I remembered that I was always given compliment for my sense of colours when drawing and colouring. Also, realised that I really like to take color vision tests, which always come with a pretty high, if not the highest, score. 


It has been two weeks, and I still don't write or turn to be a poet all of sudden. But I do feel more comfortable with myself. It takes a lot of courage for me to write about these things on internet. I don't even know if I have a courage to share it with my friends, but probably it is the first step I should take to move forward to somewhere, which I have no idea where it will be yet. But I know well as an experience that the very first step is the most tough one. So here it goes, my almost-first blog entry. Let's see how far and where it leads me.