ume's wanderlust diary

Love of Your Life



What she said is the conclusion I achieved today. There is no one else in this world who loves you, cares you, cherish you, be your guide except one person. A person to go to ask advices, a person who always will be on your side. 


It is not your boyfriend or girlfriend, nor your family, your parents, or whoever else.


It is you. 

Only you. 


Thus, you need to keep talking to yourself, accept yourself, and be the best friend and lover of your own self. 


We born alone, and die alone. None can be there with you in such situations. And even through the life, people can stand close to you, but they can never take decisions or responsibility on your behalf. In that sense, even through the life, we are alone. 


I should be able to live alone. Standing on my feet. Do not depend on what people says. Think with my own head. Take responsibilities with my own self. Live by myself. Live alone. 


Now I understand what you meant back then when you said, "Try to be by yourself for at least one year. Or you will be always in the same trouble"


Now I know why you said to me back then, "If you don't change, if you don't bring a shift in your life and in your thoughts, after six month or so, wherever you are, whoever you are with, you'll always face the same problems and same situations. Being trapped in the same solitude. It will be a never ending roop". 


Now I truely understand why you always try to tell me not being dependent on you, not to rely on you, not to always ask your opinions. 


I gatta make my choices by myself.

I gatta act. 


Because we all live alone in this life. We started alone, and we will goal alone. Solitude is the best way to get back to your inner God, many religions suggests. Acting alone is the first and the last step to fully live your own individual life, I say. 


Step by step. 

But the change can be sudden and complete. It takes only one step after all. 

Whether you do, or do not do.


"Be or not to be, that is the question"

I'll rather say, "Do or not to do, that is the question".