ume's wanderlust diary

Taking Responsibility

Today was another day of learning (re-learning) something new (actually I already had learn this over and over again, but never mind). 


Take responsabilities. 


In order to do that, you have to do everything by yourself. 


Is that normal thing to do? 


Yeah, think better about it. 


So, this is what happened: 


in my restaurant, everyday someone have to place an order for the next day. Yesterday, it was two people except me who did that. I told them what was missing and they wrote it down and made an order for each stuff they needed. 


Problem: they were drunk (because one of a customer made them drink, a lot). 


This morning when I went to work, just before opening the resurautant, I realised that there were many things missing. The order of the day before weren't complete. There were many things missing. That was a big problem because some of them were crucial. 


I told my boss that these things were missing. I was scolded. And I had to deal with the missing-situation and go through running the restaurant. 


So here is what I had learn today. 


Make sure everything by your own self. 

Check, and double check what other people did. 

If you can't do it by yourself, write it down AND tell other people about it. 


Yes, it is true that the order was other people's job. But I knew they were drunk, and I was the only one sober. I should have checked what other people wrote in order to make the order and check if everything was there. I could do that, and today's situation could have been avoided. 




Do literary everything you can do by yourself in person when doing something. 

It might be annoying.

It might be too much.

It might be over-reacting.


But it is always better to know what you actually did, so that when you are in trouble, you can tell for sure that you aren't responsible for it.  


I am learning that, even though it is extra work and extra responsibilities, it is always better to do everything by yourself. Trust people, but trust yourself above all. Ask people if everything is okay, because you aren't perfect either. But make in a way you know what you did or said. And make sure what you did or said is perfect as much as you could do. 


But anyway  


Going through such troubles are fun as well. It became like a game, and you use your mind and meke crucial decisions by yourself. Good opportunity to keep making choices by yourself.