ume's wanderlust diary




I love driving in the night.

Just sink in the dark, without any purpose or destination. Just keep moving, keep going forward through the night. 


Here in Ishigaki island, the wether is like autumn in the main land even though it is mid December. The air is chilly but not too cold, not too hot either. This is my favourite season. Especially in the night. 


I used to wonder since when I was in the high school: why people and atmosphere become so relaxed and calm in the mid of the deepest night? Everything  you see and everyone you are with shows different faces of them. It feels like you can open up yourself more, and be closer to each other, more honest. Especially when you are out in the nature. 


Maybe because everything is dark, and the moon and stars donates the night world. It is the hidden side of the day, and it is far from the real life. 


Maybe because sun is power; a man, and moon the spiritual side; a woman. 




What I like is simple. 


Summer and autumn's night. 

Never ending road. 

Ed Sheehan on background. 



Mountains and ocean. 

Deep philosophical conversation. 

Touching each other's heart and soul.

Be a wanderlust in the night.

Feel the wind.


Leap in the night. 

Leap in the dark.


that is part of the day as well. 

And it is the beautiful one.