ume's wanderlust diary


It has been almost two months since I started to keep writing the Morning Pages. Slowly, I start to write more feeely and creatively about my deepest thoughts. 


Most of the time I don't even remember what I wrote, since I'm half asleep while writing down whatever comes in my mind for 3 pages. And I am not supposed to re-read it, just yet. 


But yesterday, I wrote down a really short story, a two pages long tiny romance. A day dream I had. Put colours on it and let my hand follow my heart's inspirations. It was fun, and relaxing.


And today. Some ideas came in my mind and my hand wrote it down. I already forgot the details of it, but it was a purpose and goal through the adventure  I am going to hit on in less than a month. 


Won't write on detail.


But I was happy that something came on my mind, inside my heart. And the possibility of me having a dream and an aim in my life, to do something for people's happiness and wellbeing. 


Step by step. 


Starting the day with a happy vibe :)