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hijab (and a secret letter for you)

When I was reading this article


Muslim women who wear the hijab and niqab explain their choice – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs


I was thinking back all my experiences in Japan as being a foreigner-looking. The reactions and attitudes I was given by strangers were very similar to what these girls wearing hijab has experienced. 


I was taken pictures without being said anything, I was always be stared by people (in a pretty rude way), people were openly talking about me while commenting on my face feature, what kind of cloths I was wearing, about my eye/hair/skin color, about my body feature in front of me (of course, because they didn't think I can speak Japanese and can understand it), I was always asked how did I learn Japanese, how did I like this country, or Kyoto city (Hey Mr. Where are you from? Oh Osaka? I am actually born and raised in Kyoto, so how do YOU like about my hometown?), etc.


I haven't been said "terrorist" or being under a hate-clime. But I have experienced people roundomly saying to me "fucking foreigner, go back to your country. You don't belong here, you are not one of us".


Additional to such basic everyday-happenings, I had experienced man looking me in a nasty way, saying nasty things in front of me, looking me just as a high brand bag or something (it's a high status to have a pretty foreign girl as your girlfriend, isn't it), people telling me I had had a easy life because I'm pretty and I can get everything I want (well, bulshit). 


Even when I was modelling, I experienced that my male friends went on my modelling-profile and checked out my three-size and commenting on that. That was really a shocking thing for me. 

Also, I had a random person on twitter who draw me (which on this stage I appreciated) but then he started to post parts of his drawings (such as my eyes, or lips), which was pretty clear and obvious what he was fantasising with my photo and drawing (I was disgusted at this stage, and became a bit SNS-scared). 


Muslimas wear hijab not because it's an oppression or obligation. They wear it because man are weak. They are weaker on temptation, and thus women hides their beauty and clearly show a boundary between herself and other non-related guys. In this way, women can protect themselves by being judged only by appearance, or being given a nasty eyes, nasty comments, and in the same time, women will be able to help man control themselves better. 


And in the end of the day. 


Isnt simply nicer if only few, very close people to you see and truely appreciate your beauty and who you are? Rather than having thousands of random people judging you with only how you look and giving point based on that. 


I don't wear hijab, and I have experienced all of such things I wrote above. And of course my female friend had experienced many of such things in all color and extent. 


If by wearing a hijab, a nikab, women can protect themselves more...  

If by wearing it, women can be sure she is judged by her personality, and not by her looking... (and that's what I am always desperately hoping for, but at this stage you can't be 100% sure anymore) 

if by wearing a hijab, I could have avoided many happenings that left me scars, which still aces in me... 


Then, women wearing hijab is not a representation of oppression, non-feminism, or even a posssible terrorist. 


It is a choice women makes for her own peace and safety. For her own dignity and self-respect. 


Yes, if wearing it, you can get more negative attention by people, you can be told things that can hurt you, and you can be scared. 


But such things happens whenever you are different from the majority, as I experienced. It has nothing to do with Islam, Muslim, "religion", or hijab. 


It is a choice.


A brave choice. 


A clever choice. 



Dont you think? 




P.S. I am writing this post thinking about a specific girl-friend of mine. You know I'm talking about you, right? Yes, it's about you hon :) I am sending a lot of love and good vibration.


Be brave, be strong, be yourself. 


We all are so pround of you. And no matter what, people will be there protecting you and taking care of you. 

So will I. 


Thank you for inspiring us, me. 

Love you a lot.