ume's wanderlust diary

how my brain works

If you can make an art of how my brain works, it will be soemthing like this..




a mandara. 


All rhe lines combined together makes a whole picture. 

But the whole picture is made out of a combination of different lines. 

And every single lines are placed in the very calculated and entangled spot, deeply related to one another lines. 

Also, to truely see the whole picture and understands it, you must understand every single line stroke and it's stories and philosophies. 



Thats why it is very hard to explain what is going on in my mind. 


"A mandra is going on in my mind"


the whole picture. 

And all the lines. 

Everything in the same moment. 

Both coexists in the same timeline. A second. 



Thats why when I explain what is going on my mind, I have to keep talking for about an hour and half at least to explain the basic of what is going on. The lines. 


And then finally I can start to discuss about the whole picture of my mandara. 



Do you know what I mean?