ume's wanderlust diary

what is culture

You may ask me 


"what is culture"


i will answer 


"a photomosaic"





You can see picture from faraway. Out side. 


You think you nailed it. You understand it. You touched it. 


Then you start to get closer. 


And you find more small pictures. 

You start to see a country. Society. Community. District. Group. And Individuals. 


Where is the line between individuals and Culture? 

Where is the real line of a Culture? 

What is Culture. 


The whole picture is within every individual smaller pictures.

And all the small individual pictures contains the whole bigger picture.


Both coexists.


Because Culture is entangled. It is mutable. It is alive. Within every single "I".


What is Culture?


It is a photomosaic.


You think you nailed it.

You think you know it's shape. 

You think you know it's lines. 


When you think you know, 

maybe you haven't look it close enough. 

Maybe you haven't truely understood.